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There are 102 points to be gained on this test - it was supposed to be 100 but the first response I received contained an answer to Question 5 that I had forgotten!

The test is designed to taken from memory and intended to feature a range of easy and difficult questions.

I wrote the quiz in 1997, and since then I have received hundreds of attempts. It is more difficult than I expected! but please don't be put off.  The best scores have been 70-80 but anything over 40 is very good. I hope you have fun remembering (or researching) the answers.

You are therefore requested and required to take this test without referring to the books and to send your attempt to me. I will send you the answers.

The Hornblower Quiz

  1. Which vessel went aground and was
    1. lost, on Black Rock
    2. jerked off by cannon, in Scotchman's Bay
    3. "refloated directly" in the Seine
    4. abandoned in Gibraltar harbour
    5. subsequently burnt by the Royal Navy
    6. broken up on Devil's Teeth
    7. rocked free, by the men running from side to side

    (7 marks)


  2. Which vessel was also known as :
    1. Sutherland
    2. the Ramsgate trawler
    3. Silly Porter
    4. Retribution
    5. Indy
    6. Desperate
    7. Duke's Freers
    8. Noah's Ark

    (8 marks)

  3. Four of Hornblower's commands ended when the ships were lost, surrendered or decommissioned.
    Name them and describe their fates.
    (8 Marks)

  4. How many guns had
    1. Natividadd
    2. Lydia
    3. Nonsuch
    4. Flame
    5. Crab
    6. Castilla
    7. El Supremo

    (7 Marks)

  5. Actual meetings with five old shipmates from the Indefatigable are described or referred to in other stories (one person re-appears twice) Which shipmates, which stories ?
    (12 marks)


  6. Hornblower sailed with eight named surgeons, name them and their ships
    (16 marks)

  7. Identify the odd one out
    1. Polwheal, Grimes, Bailey, Doughty
    2. William Cornwallis, Edward Pellew, Percy Leighton, Jimmy Jervis
    3. Smith, Jones, Buckland, Roberts, Bush
    4. Harvey, Flame, Moth, Clam
    5. Sweetened coffee; caviar & vodka; blackcurrant jam; breadfruit.

    (5 Marks)

  8. Distinguish
    1. Spendlove & Speedwell,
    2. Orrock & Horrocks
    3. Hooker & Hookham Frere
    4. Clausen, Clauswitz & Claros
    5. young Wellard & young Gerard
    6. a head & a halliard

    (13 marks)

  9. Who
    1. was denied a hot towel
    2. was the Comte du Nord.
    3. offered "a lobster for your officer"
    4. chased Hornblower around on her knees
    5. married Brown
    6. were Hornblower's seconds.

    (7 marks)

  10. Hornblower took part in two court-martials and one court of inquiry that ended a man's career. Whose? What were the findings.
    (6 marks)

  11. What was
    1. "perhaps the worst moment that Hornblower had ever known"
    2. "a routine question"
    3. "all a horrible nuisance, of course"
    4. "an unwarrantable liberty"
    5. "a queer duty for a Serene Highness to be embarked upon"
    6. "your noble action"
    7. "the vulgar habit that had distressed him so much in his first wife"
    8. "vicious and tended towards making the Navy less effective in war"
    9. "short of Capers and Cayenne"
    10. "more important than a formula for fattening chickens"
    11. "exactly what he should have said"
    12. "'bad news for you, sir"
    13. "the last sacrifice he could make"

    13 marks



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